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Abstract: The basis of the design of handmade chenille yarns and fabrics is similar to the other ways of designing velvety fabrics with the same effect as the woven fabric on paper. The boxes are of the same size that should be shown on the cloth. This is why a special type of square paper is usually used for this purpose. The weavers use handwork: a number of shuttles as much as the number of colors available. It is characterized by its cohesive strength in the places where the threads are woven, where we have sets of ribbons. one of the main objectives of the research is to devise a new method for the development of hand-made textile products and the purposes used in hand-made chenille fabrics are decorative fabrics, ladies' fabrics (evening cloths), pendants, curtains, Broudray, Furnishing fabrics and carpets. the stages of the design and handmade chenille, 1( in the case of simple fabrics: a) weft in one color continuous,  b( the use of stripes of the cross of the flesh, whether different colors of the chenille weft or the use of different materials with different Tex count and different specifications; First in the case of simple fabrics: in this type of design of the chenille of handmade simple and easy so as not to draw on the squared paper  and the resulting effects are automatic and simple. And the formation and pile of the chenille (the process of the first weaving), which have their distinctive features.  Second in the case of embossed fabrics. Handmade design of pile and chenille, formation chenille weft, the design of the chenille weave is designed so that the horizontal rows have the vertical position parallel to the warp threads to be woven, the second weaving process, the woven fabric structures of the cloth, handmade chenille according to the purpose for which the cloth is used. For example, tablecloths, curtains and pendants the production of one square meter of chenille carpets takes seven hours and is produced by one textile worker assisted by a youngster. The production of a meter of hand-made carpets takes at least seven days and is produced by a number of boys, ranging from three to five. This is in addition to saving about 25% of the wool used in the blaze with handmade chenille carpets in traditional carpets.

Keywords: Chenille Yarn, Chenille Tapestry, Original artworks   

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