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Abstract: This paper addresses the novel problem of automatically synthesizing an output image for contemporary digital tapestry from a large collection of different input images. The synthesized contemporary digital tapestry image, called a digital tapestry can be viewed as a visual summary or a virtual ’thumbnail’ of all the images in the input collection. The problem of creating the tapestry is cast as a multi-class labeling problem such that each region in the tapestry is constructed from input image blocks that are salient and such that neighboring blocks satisfy spatial compatibility. The proposed framework was tested on several consumer photograph collections, and the results are presented.

 Keywords: Tapestry, Engineering, Algorithm


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full prof. ElSayed ElNashar, PhD, Faculty of Specific Education, Kafrelsheikh University, Kafrelsheikh, Egypt. e-mail: 

full prof. Aleksandr Smirnov, PhD, Ivanovo Polytechnical University, Russia. e-mail:

as. prof. Zlatin Zlatev, PhD, Faculty of Technics and Technologies, Trakia University, Bulgaria, e-mail: