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"Art is always modern and truly different has never been and most importantly - cannot even be"

Art - Art is a creative human activity, the product of this creativity are works which all senses emphasize intellect. Art is the gift of human and belongs only to him, with which it differs in nature and stands out from other living beings.

Art is also a creative artistic activity or art form consciousness as a kind of reflection of reality. The origins of art even in prehistoric eras (drawings in caves).

Industrial style, we can say he is perfect in imperfection. The design theory of functionalism assumed, whereby objected primarily to serve its purpose, to comply with simple geometric shapes without decorative items made by the almost standard applied to many types of products.

It is essential for quality of life in every township is the existence of green areas. Since there is a very important application of industrial design in parks and gardens. The impact of industrial design in urban green spaces in residential areas provides dedicated aesthetic note that enriches the whole functional and aesthetic forms which are always placed at precise positions that accentuate the landscape while but do cohesion and harmony combined with large green areas and contrasts nature in industrial design.

The design is created when the artwork and a predetermined order. The artwork gets the role of usability and functional aesthetics. The design evolves with the development of industry and mass consumption.

Industrial style is a combination of different materials such as wood, metal, old bricks. Industrial parts in green areas make artwork in only one sample.

Nowadays postindustrial style often used by designers for the appearance of the buildings, but more often to create a genuine atmosphere of parks, recreation areas, restaurants and shops.

Keywords / Key phrases

design, park, city, composition, landscape


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